Friday, October 16, 2009

A brand new design... needs a name!

I have been muttering, unpicking, more muttering, and staying up late to get this brand new design of handbag just how I had it pictured in my head. And here it is!

But the style needs a name! It is such a sweet little handbag - Hubby suggested 'Strawberries and Cream', and I thought 'Chocolate Box'. But I am sure there are far more creative names than that, so here is the competition.... leave a comment, with your suggestion for a name for this style of bag. The winner will be my favourite name, and I will announce the winner on Monday night (Australian time).

The prize will be your choice of either 50% off the purchase price of this bag, OR the pdf pattern, free, to make it yourself!

Remember, it is the style / shape that I need a name for - this bag will be made up in lots of delicious designer fabrics (.... mmmm..... like the new Amy Butler 'Love' range that will be on my doorstep very very soon....), so the colour and print will be variable.

Don't forget to leave an email address or other way to contact you! Thanks, I can't wait to see your creativity!!

Oh, and if you can't wait and have to own it straight away..... check them out at my handmade shop !


  1. It's a beautiful bag Sasha and the only name I could think of was "Rufflesia Purse" (because of the handle). Glad you finally sorted out your pattern after all your effort.
    And how do you manage two blogs and two small children?!?! You're amazing.

  2. Well I asked my little girl Sascha and she said it should be called the "Jack and Jill" because it reminds her of the pail they carried up the hill.

    It is such a sweet style - perfect for the market or a trip to the park.

  3. Here's what popped into my head: "A tisket, a tasket, a pretty flowered basket." Not very good, but catchy?

  4. Gorgeous design!
    First idea that popped into my head was "Candy pail".
    Shall go have a think and see what else comes along !
    x PJ X

  5. Back again !

    Metro Baguette
    Preppy Metro
    Metro Pail
    Bon-Bon Baguette
    Metro Bon-Bon
    The City Pail.

    x PJ x