Tuesday, September 29, 2009

On my sewing table today....

is a pile of pale ivory lawn, a froth of cotton eye-let lacing, a spool of delicate mint green ribbon..... all of which I am hoping will miraculously transform into some very pretty, feminine, frilly, flouncy nightgowns.

This is by special request, from a beautiful shabby chic boutique, which also showcases some of my handbags. The owner would like some pretty nighties to hang in the shop window, and sell by custom order (so I don't have to make all the sizes to start with).

And hey, if she doesn't like what I come up with, at least I will have re-vamped my own sadly lacking pyjama drawer with some pretty additions!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Delicious smelling clothes?

This week's project sounds (and smells) divine. It is so easy, is a great way to use up your scrap fabric pieces, AND the instructions are free! What more could you ask?

This simple stitching idea makes fragrant pads to go into your clothes dryer, so that your clothes come out with a delicious scent of your choice. I think it would also fragrance your laundry room very well, at the same time.

The recommended size pieces are small (about 5cm x 5cm), so perfect for using pieces from your scrap stash - including scraps of wadding, which can be hard to find a good use for.

Here is the link - I hope you enjoy, and that your laundry is made more pleasant.

Clothes Dryer Fragrance Pads

Oh, and if you make some - come and leave a link to some photos, so we can all admire them!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Amy and Tanya... are coming to my place!

and here is the first sneak peek.....

please, Mr Postman, bring me my shipment of Amy Butler and Tanya Whelan fabrics........ I have been very good, and just can't wait till they are on my doorstep, and in my work room!

From Tanya Whelan's Ava Rose collection -

And the lovely Amy Butler's Park Fountains in green .....


Hello, my name is Sasha, and I am addicted to fabric.

There. I said it - is that step 1? OH NO! But I don't want a cure -- I love my fabric habit! So much that I have just opened Fabric Fusion!

I know how hard it is to browse for delicious fabrics with children, or husbands / partners / boyfriends, in tow. My 2 sweet little kids make craft and fabric shops a generally hazardous area for me (NO - don't wipe your sticky fingers on that gorgeous designer fabric bolt!). And don't even ask about the time that my baby chucked all over a rack of fabric bolts, in Spotlight.

So the solution is to order it in! (Takeaway fabric is far healthier for you than takeaway food!). Browse at your leisure, and enjoy unwrapping a parcel of divine fabrics - because they have been delivered right to your door. You can even treat it like a box of chocolates and slowly take out 1 new piece of fabric from your package, each day - if your will power is stronger than mine, of course.

This Fabric Fusion blog will bring together sneak peeks of new fabrics that are soon to be listed, together with the best of free patterns for all sorts of crafty projects, from across the web. I hope you enjoy - and feel free to share your fabric obsession with me!